CelcomDigi Fibre Add-Ons: Free FTTR(1+) with CelcomDigi Fibre 1Gbps Plan Offer

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1. Who is eligible to subscribe for the 1Gbps plan and get a Free Fibre-To-The-Room 1+1 for free?  

New subscribers of CelcomDigi fibre 1Gbps plans, who are existing subscribers Postpaid 60 and above & based in selected Klang Valley* areas are eligible to opt for this exclusive deal, instead of getting the free 6 months rebate. 

Note : *Klang Valley : kindly check with our staffs to know if your area is eligible.


2. How long will this Free FTTR 1+1 offer be available? 

This is a new limited time offer and CelcomDigi reserves the right to suspend or end the offer at any time. 

3. If my area in the Klang Valley is not eligible to get this free FTTR 1+1 offer, how can I purchase FTTR?   

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the FTTR purchase process:  

Step 1: Ensure that you are subscribed to CelcomDigi 1Gbps plan, Postpaid 60 and above and that you are in Klang Valley. 

Step 2: To add CelcomDigi FTTR, provide your details and our fibre expert team will connect with you to understand your needs. 

Step 3: Receive Fibre-To-The-Room payment link and installation date. Note that cancellations may incur a penalty. 

Step 4: Our fibre expert installers will contact you to set up your FTTR installation. Get ready for an incredible CelcomDigi Fibre-To-The-Room experience! 

4. Will I receive the free FTTR add-on devices during the installation of my CelcomDigi Fibre service?

Yes, your free FTTR 1+1 will be set up together on the day of your fibre installation. 

5. What is FTTR and how will it benefit me? 

To learn more about how FTTR can transform your home fibre experience, please read our FTTR Product FAQ here

6. What is included in the Free FTTR 1+1 setup? 

These are the items provided to you for free : 

CelcomDigi FTTR1+1
Parent unit1 unit
Child unit1 unit
ATB 4 port/Splitter 1 unit
ATB 2 port 1 unit
Transparent Optical Cable Up to 50.5m


 1. I selected a Free FTTR 1+1 as part of my 1Gbps subscription plan and have set up an installation appointment. Can I change my mind? 

Yes, you can change your selection of free items with the 1Gbps plan at least 72 hours before your scheduled installation appointment. If you request a change after this 72-hour window, a cancellation fee of RM200 will apply. 

2. What will happen to my free FTTR devices if I decide to terminate my CelcomDigi fibre service? 

If you decide to terminate your CelcomDigi Fibre service with Free FTTR 1+1 contract, you will incur a device penalty fee. The device penalty fee is calculated based on the number of months remaining in the 24-month contract and the remaining monthly value of the FTTR 1+1 add-on. 

The device penalty fee calculation is as follows: 

  • The number of months left in the 24-month contract. 
  • Multiply this number by the monthly value of the FTTR 1+1 add-on (RM1,920 divided by 24 months, which equals RM80 per month). 

For example, if you have 10 months remaining on your contract, the penalty fee would be: 

Number of Months Left × Monthly Value of FTTR 1+1=10×RM80=RM800 

3. Other than the device penalty fee, are there any other Penalties that I will need to pay if I exit my contract prior to the 24-month period? 

You will also need to pay an early termination penalty as outlined here.  

If you’re interested in learning more about our other CelcomDigi Fibre add-ons, you can easily explore the complete list of add-ons available here

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