CelcomDigi Fibre Add-Ons: General Inquiries

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1. What are CelcomDigi fibre add-ons?

CelcomDigi fibre add-ons are additional devices and accessories, compatible with your home fibre internet connectivity. The options available are offered at exclusive prices to elevate the quality of your lifestyle within various aspects of your home ecosystem.


2. How many categories of add-ons are there currently?

There are 3 categories of CelcomDigi fibre add-ons available for you, and they are:

  • Gaming
  • Smart Home
  • Entertainment


3. Where can I browse through all the devices offered under CelcomDigi fibre add-ons?

If you’re interested in learning more about our CelcomDigi fibre add-ons, you can easily explore the complete catalogue of exciting add-ons available here.


4. Do I need to sign up for a new CelcomDigi fibre plan first before I can purchase the add-ons?

Yes, in order to enjoy the add-ons, you will first need to subscribe to a CelcomDigi fibre 300Mbps plan or a higher-tier plan.


5. How many add-ons can I purchase? Is there a limit?

Yes, there is a limit to the number of add-ons you can purchase. Each subscriber is eligible to purchase a maximum number of add-on devices as outlined below:

Add-On Type

Add-On Category


Devices (worth more than RM500)


Limited to 3 add-ons per CelcomDigi fibre account

Smart Home


Accessories (worth less than RM500) 


No limit 

Smart Home



6. Will I be tied to a contract for each add-on I purchase?

You will be tied to a contract on our CelcomDigi Fibre 300Mbps plan. If you choose to pay via EPP 0% (Easy Payment Plan with 0% interest), your credit card will be charged monthly throughout the instalment period of up to 24 months, depending on your preferred duration. 




1. Who is eligible to purchase the CelcomDigi fibre add-ons? 
All CelcomDigi fibre subscribers who are on a CelcomDigi Fibre 300Mbps plan or higher are eligible to purchase these add-ons.


2. If I upgrade my current Celcom or Digi fibre plan to a CelcomDigi fibre plan, will I still be eligible to purchase the CelcomDigi fibre add-ons? 

Any upgrade to CelcomDigi fibre 300Mbps and above will be eligible to purchase the add-ons. 


3. Can I still change my CelcomDigi fibre rate plan after I’ve purchased the add-ons?
Yes, you still have the flexibility to upgrade your plans even after purchasing the add-ons. 



Add-on Purchase


1. How and where can I purchase the CelcomDigi fibre and add-ons?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the purchase process: 


Step 1: Sign up for CelcomDigi fibre 300Mbps plan or higher here.

Step 2: Our friendly fibre expert will contact you to assist with your fibre registration  

               and add-on purchase. 

Step 3: Make your payment, and the device will be delivered to your doorstep. 


You may also visit any of our Celcom bluecube or Digi Stores nearest to you.


2. Will I receive the add-on devices during the installation of my CelcomDigi fibre service?  

No, the add-on devices will be delivered separately to your doorstep. The delivery will be arranged according to CelcomDigi fibre partner’s delivery schedule, which can be found in the delivery details provided for each add-on category.  




1. What payment options do I have for purchasing these add-ons?

We offer multiple convenient payment methods to suit your preference. Here are the options available:

  • [PREFERRED]: Easy Payment Plan (EPP) 0%: You can choose to pay for your add-ons in instalments with 0% interest for either 12 or 24 months. This option is available exclusively with Maybank and CIMB Credit Cards. 
  • Full payment: If you prefer to make the full payment upfront, you can select any of the following payment options:
    1. Online payment
    2. Any credit/debit card 
    3. Boost/GrabPay e-wallet 


Add-On Type

12-Month EPP Instalment

24-Month EPP Instalment

One-Off Payment

Devices (worth more than RM1,000)

Maybank & CIMB Credit Cards

Maybank & CIMB Credit Cards

1. Online Payment

2. All VISA / Mastercard Debit & Credit Cards

3. Boost / GrabPay e-wallets

Devices (worth more than RM500 but less than RM1,000)

Maybank & CIMB Credit Cards




Accessories (worth less than RM500) 




2. Can I split the payment amount across multiple credit cards to break down the EPP Instalment?

We currently only accept a single payment method, which is via a single credit/debit Card. 


3. Can I pay using multiple payment methods, such as partial payment with a debit card and the remaining payment with a credit card? 

Unfortunately, we only accept a single payment method using a single credit/debit card. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. 


4. I’ve already made full upfront payments for the devices I purchased. Can I change my mind and switch to EPP instalment payments after completing the transaction?  

To convert your transaction into EPP instalments, you will need to liaise directly with your bank. However, kindly note that the decision to offer EPP instalments will be at the respective bank’s sole discretion. 


5. I don’t have a CIMB / Maybank credit card. Can I still purchase the add-ons? 

Yes, you can still purchase the add-ons at our special price. However, please note that you will only be able to make the purchase with full payment using a credit/debit card. Unfortunately, the EPP 0% interest-free instalment option is only available for CIMB and Maybank credit cardholders.  




1. Can I change the delivery address once I’ve completed the purchase transaction? 

Once payment has been made, it is not possible to modify the delivery address. We kindly request that you carefully review and confirm the address before completing the transaction.




1. What will happen to my add-ons if I decide to terminate my CelcomDigi fibre service?  
Even if you decide to terminate your CelcomDigi fibre service, you will still be able to retain your add-on devices. However, if you purchase via EPP, you are obligated to complete the payment with your respective banks.





1. What is the process for requesting a refund if I decide to change my mind about the selected add-ons?
Once you have placed an order, please note that cancellations or refunds are not allowed. If you have any concerns or encounter any issues, please reach out to the respective Partners listed above for guidance and support.

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