Basic Troubleshooting

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1. I am using fibre now (Celcom, Digi or other service provider), what will happen to my modem when I switch over to CelcomDigi fibre?
Your modem will remain. If the modem is not functioning, you will be provided with a new modem.


2. What is the difference between a wired and a Wi-Fi connection on CelcomDigi fibre?
A wired connection, via a LAN cable, will provide a more stable connection compared to a wireless connection as it will not be influenced by your surroundings, such as the thickness of your walls, overlapping signals and even interference from other home devices.

3. When I change or upgrade my subscription plan, will I get a new router?
We will use your current router.

4. Is there any basic troubleshooting that I could do on my own?
You can do some basic troubleshooting if the internet is not working.

Follow these easy steps to experience the best internet speed with CelcomDigi fibre: 

Step 1: Ensure that the power cables of your router and modem are plugged in correctly

Step 2: Reboot your router and modem by turning them off and on again

Step 3: Check the LED indicators on the modem to see that it is connected

Step 4: Check the LED indicators on the router to see that it is connected


5. How can I improve my CelcomDigi fibre Wi-Fi performance?
There are many ways you can improve your Wi-Fi performance at home, such as:

  1. Place the Wi-Fi router at a centre location in your home with plenty of space around it.
  2. Place your devices nearer to your router.
  3. Choosing the right Wi-Fi frequency to fit your home:
    • 5GHz for a faster speed with smaller coverage
    • 2.4GHz for a slower speed with wider coverage
  4. Subscribing to CelcomDigi Mesh Wi-Fi, a Wi-Fi networking system, for better Wi-Fi coverage and performance at home.


6. How do I know my actual Internet subscription speed when using a direct connection (LAN cable)?
To test your internet subscription speed via a LAN cable, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Download the Ookla Speedtest app on your computer

Step 2: Connect your computer to the router using a LAN cable (use cables CAT5e and above)

Step 3: Launch the Ookla Speedtest app on your computer

Step 4: Choose either one of the server locations below:

  1. Petaling Jaya - Celcom Axiata
  2. Kuala Lumpur - Celcom Axiata
  3. Subang Jaya - Digi Malaysia
  4. Seri Kembangan - Digi Malaysia

Step 5: Tap the "GO" button on the app to find out your home internet speed. For higher Internet speed plans (such as 300Mbps and above), please ensure the LAN port on your computer supports GE Port (Gigabit Ethernet Port) before performing the speed test.


7. I’m using Deco X20 at my house with 500Mbps plan but why I am not getting the actual speed?

  1. Connection from main Mesh to the satellite mesh unit is using 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, thus the speed between mesh unit is slower.
  2. Speedtest result when connected to mesh cannot be used as a benchmark to confirm the subscribed internet subscription plan.
  3. We advise for speedtest using LAN cable connected directly to GE port at Wi-Fi router for feedback to CelcomDigi.


8. Does CelcomDigi fibre include VOBB (Voice Over Broadband) services?
CelcomDigi not offer VOBB. 


9. Why is my router's speed not as advertised?
Your home Internet speed is affected by several factors, for example:

  1. Using a Wi-Fi connection with 2.4Ghz instead of 5Ghz).
  2. The number of devices connected to the router.
  3. The placement of your modem and router in your home.


We highly recommend performing a speedtest using the Ookla Speedtest app on your computer with wired connection (LAN cable).


10. How do I set up an Internet connection?
For more information on how to set up an Internet connection, please call our Customer Service for further assistance.


11. I’ve successfully connected my computer to the router’s wireless network but I still cannot access the Internet. What should I do?
If your router is already connected to your device but still no Internet access, please contact our Customer Service team so they may arrange an appointment with our technicians. 


12. How do I find the model number of my router?
To find out the model number of your router, check the back or the bottom label of the unit. You can also check the printed information provided regarding the device.

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