CelcomDigi Mesh Node

Modified on Fri, 03 May 2024 at 01:42 PM

1. What is CelcomDigi Mesh Node?

CelcomDigi Mesh Node is an add on service for full WiFi coverage throughout your home. You will get additional equipment to boost the internet signal strength in your home.


2. I’m interested! Who can sign up for CelcomDigi Mesh Node?

All new CelcomDigi Fibre customers who sign up for 500Mbps plans and above can opt-in for a free CelcomDigi Mesh Node as an add on service.


3. I’m an existing CelcomDigi Fibre customer. Can I get a free mesh if I upgrade?

This offer is only available to New CelcomDigi Fibre customers at this time.


4. I’m an existing CelcomDigi Fibre 500Mbps plan (& above) customer. Can I claim my free mesh now?

This offer is only available to New CelcomDigi Fibre customers at this time.

5. Sounds great! How to sign up?

To be our new CelcomDigi fibre customers, you can go to any CelcomDigi stores or authorized Fibre agent to sign up CelcomDigi Fibre and CelcomDigi Mesh Node. The Mesh Node will be installed together by our installer during Fibre installation.


6. Do I get to enjoy CelcomDigi Mesh Node for FREE when I subscribe to CelcomDigi fibre plans?

Yes, of course. Just sign-up plan 500Mbps and above to enjoy this service and optimize WiFi signal throughout the house.


7. Is there a contract period for the CelcomDigi Mesh Node?

Yes, there will be a 24-month contract period.


8. Is there a warranty for the device?

CelcomDigi Mesh Node comes with two years 24 month. Warranty will be voided if the expiry of the CelcomDigi Mesh Node contract.


9. How many CelcomDigi Mesh Node can I add on?

You can opt-in for one (1) CelcomDigi Mesh Node for each fibre account.


10. Can I downgrade my Fibre plan? What happened to my CelcomDigi Mesh Node?

You can downgrade your fibre plan, however early termination charges for CelcomDigi Mesh Node RM399 will be imposed if you downgrade to non-eligible plan.


11. What will happen to my CelcomDigi Mesh Node devices if I terminate my fibre service before my contract term or if my contract expires?

Early termination of CelcomDigi fibre will incur a penalty. The number of remaining contract months x monthly fee or RM500, whichever higher, will be imposed as an early termination penalty. Early termination charges for Mesh Node will be also imposed if the contract is terminated before expiry.


12. Do I need to return the device?

You may keep the device regardless of early termination or contract expiration.


13. What happens if the device is not in good working condition?

Please make a call to our contact centre to lodge a report. More information click here


14. Can I terminate the CelcomDigi Mesh Node free subscription only and maintain my Fibre service?

Yes, you may terminate the CelcomDigi Mesh Node and keep your Fibre service only.

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