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1. What subscription plans are available for SPOTV NOW Service? 

There are 2 plans available from SPOTV NOW to choose based on your preference:  

Basic Plan: Retail price is RM8.90 per month. However, if you choose to "Pay via CelcomDigi," you can enjoy this plan at a discounted rate of RM8 per month. This plan allows you to enjoy a wide range of live sports and entertainment on one device at a time. 

Premium Plan: Retail price is RM14.90 per month. By paying via CelcomDigi, you get access to this plan at RM13.40 per month. The Premium Plan includes all the benefits of the Basic Plan with the addition of high-definition (HD) streaming and the ability to watch on two devices simultaneously. 

2. How can I cancel my subscription? 

Cancel any time via the SPOTV NOW website under 'Subscription' settings. Cancellations are effective at the end of the current billing cycle. 


3. Can I switch between subscription plans? 

Yes, switch between Basic and Premium plans at any time. Changes take effect at the next billing cycle. 

4. What is the refund policy for SPOTV NOW subscriptions? 

For subscriptions paid via CelcomDigi, here's what you need to know about our refund policy: 

  1. Refund Eligibility: Once a subscription is made, we are unable to offer refunds. This policy is in place because SPOTV NOW offers immediate access to digital content upon subscription. 
  2. Dispute Resolution: If you encounter any issues or disputes regarding your subscription or billing, please contact SPOTV NOW directly. They are dedicated to ensuring a positive experience for our subscribers and will work with you to understand and address your concerns. 
  3. Billing Inquiries: For any billing-related inquiries, including clarifications on charges, it's important to liaise directly with SPOTV NOW. SPOTV NOW’s customer service team is ready to assist you with detailed information and support regarding your subscription. 

5. What content is available on SPOTV NOW service? 

Enjoy live sports events, documentaries, exclusive interviews, and more. Premium Plan subscribers get exclusive releases and early access to select events. 

6. What devices can I use to watch SPOTV NOW based on my subscription plan? 

Basic Plan: Enjoy SPOTV NOW on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. This flexibility ensures you can access SPOTV NOW’s wide range of sports content wherever you are. 

Premium Plan: In addition to the devices supported by the Basic Plan, Premium Plan subscribers have the exclusive benefit of streaming on Android TVs, offering an enhanced viewing experience with high-definition content on a bigger screen. The Premium Plan is compatible with Android TVs from the following brands: 

  • Sony 
  • Philips 
  • TCL 
  • Hisense 
  • Sharp 
  • Mi TV (Xiaomi) 
  • Skyworth 
  • Panasonic 
  • Toshiba 
  • JVC 
  • Vestel 
  • Haier 
  • Bang & Olufsen 
  • Grundig 
  • OnePlus (Smart TV) 

Ensure your TV model supports the SPOTV NOW’s app by checking compatibility on the SPOTV NOW’s website or directly within Google App Store.


7. Why can't I find the SPOTV NOW app on my Smart TV? 

SPOTV NOW is specifically designed for compatibility with Android TVs. If you're unable to find the app, here is how you can troubleshoot: 

  1. Check Device Type: Ensure your TV is an Android TV. The SPOTV NOW app is optimized for Android TV platforms and may not be available on other smart TV operating systems. 
  2. Device Compatibility: For Android TV users, please verify your model is among those listed as compatible:
    • Sony, Philips, TCL, Hisense, Sharp, Mi TV (Xiaomi), Skyworth, Panasonic, Toshiba, JVC, Vestel, Haier, Bang & Olufsen, Grundig, and OnePlus (Smart TV). 
  3. Region Support: The SPOTV NOW app's availability may vary by geographical location. Ensure the service is supported in your region. 
  4. App Store and Firmware Updates: On your Android TV, check for updates to the TV's firmware and the app store application. An outdated system might prevent the SPOTV NOW app from appearing. 
  5. Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is required to download apps. Ensure your TV is connected and has good internet connectivity.

If your device is an Android TV and you're still facing issues, please contact SPOTV NOW’s customer service for further assistance.


8. What should I do if the app isn't working properly on my device? 

Troubleshoot with app and device restarts, ensure software is up-to-date, check your internet connection, or reinstall the app. Contact SPOTV NOW’s customer service for persistent issues. 

9. The app is buffering or not streaming smoothly. What can I do? 

Check your internet speed, minimize device load on your network, consider a wired connection, and restart your router for potential fixes. 

10. Who can I contact for more information or assistance? 

For further assistance, contact SPOTV NOW's customer service via email or live chat on SPOTV NOW's website. 

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