Digi Gadget SIM

Modified on Thu, 18 Apr 2024 at 01:57 PM

1. What is a Gadget SIM?

Gadget SIM is an additional SIM that you can sign-up for to share your principal's internet quota with multiple devices or wearables. You can now make full use of your Share Internet quota with Digi at just RM10/month for each additional SIMs.

2. What are the key features of the Gadget SIM?

  • Data-only SIM with internet sharing from Principal lines. Gadget SIM does not come with its own internet quota.
  • Easy and fast internet connectivity on Malaysia's fastest network, just plug and surf
  • Ideal for users with multiple gadgets, tablets and smart home appliances, or family members with multiple devices under one roof
  • Enabled for social apps and banking needs, including receiving TAC codes

Note: Make or receive calls/ MMS, send SMS, IDD and Internet top-up services are not available for Gadget SIM.

3. Who is eligible to sign-up for Gadget SIM?

Digi Postpaid subscribers on the Digi Postpaid 60 plan and above are eligible to sign-up for the Gadget SIM lines. Each eligible Principal Postpaid line can sign-up for up to six (6) Digi Gadget SIMs (calculated in combination with other supplementary Digi Prepaid, Digi Mobile Broadband and other Digi Gadget SIMs under the same Principal line).

4. How much do I need to pay for the Gadget SIM?

Each Gadget SIM line costs RM10/month with Digi. You will be required to pay an advance payment fee of RM10 during checkout, which will be refunded in your next bill.

Non-Malaysians, who sign up for Gadget SIM are required to pay a RM500 deposit per line at the point of registration. This deposit will be refunded after two complete billing cycle from the date of account termination. For example, a non-Malaysian subscriber with billing cycle on 21st of each month and terminated the postpaid line on 23rd February would only receive the refund of the deposit after 21st April.

Note: Postpaid plans prior to 2021 need to pay an additional of RM10/month to enable Internet sharing. Digi Postpaid 2021 and 2022 doesn't have an Internet sharing fee as this service is given by default to the plan. Click here for more information about Internet sharing.

5. How to sign-up for Gadget SIM?

You may sign-up via the Digi website here. Alternatively, you may also walk into your nearest Digi Store, Digi Store Express and Digi Dealers to sign-up for a Gadget SIM.

6. Are there any sign-up fees for Gadget SIM?

There will be RM15 one-time processing fee and SIM handling fee that will be charged to your first bill. For more information, please click here.

7. Do I need to purchase Internet quota to use the Internet on my Gadget SIM?

No, you do not need to. To use the Internet on your Gadget SIM, you simply need to perform Internet sharing from your principal Postpaid line.

8. What roaming offers are available for Gadget SIM? 

You may subscribe the following roaming pass via MyDigi app: 

  1. 3-Day Internet Plan – RM25 
  2. 7-Day Internet Plan – RM58 
  3. 30-Day Internet Plan – RM98


9. Can I use roaming voice service if I subscribe to 3-Day Internet Pass? 

No, you will not be able to use roaming voice service given that Gadget SIM is data-only SIM. You can only use roaming data service.

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