CelcomDigi 5G Home WiFi

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the available offer?

CelcomDigi 5G home WiFi offering are as follows:


5G home WiFi

5G home WiFi (SIM only)

Monthly Fee



Promotional Monthly Fee



Promotional Period

Limited time period

Data Quota



24 months

No contract

Plan Advance Payment



Upfront Payment


(Rebate RM20 x 24 months)


Non-Malaysian Deposit Fee



Service Penalty

Remaining balance based on months left on the contract



Dual Mode 5G/4G Router

Note: Customer will receive one unit of 5G home router (compatible with 4G+/4G), 1 adaptor, 1 LAN cable and 1 router box



2. Who is eligible for the subscription? 

CelcomDigi 5G home WiFi plan is available for both Malaysian and non-Malaysian above the age of 21 years.

3. I am an existing Celcom/Digi postpaid customer. Am I eligible for any rebate offer?

Yes, Exclusively for Celcom/Digi postpaid customer, you will be eligible for the special rebate offer. Refer to below table for more information: 

5G Home WiFi Plan + Router
5G Home WiFi Plan Only
Promotional Monthly Fee
Net Monthly Fee
24 months
12 months
With Postpaid RM60 and above

 *Rebate will granted within 60 days from service activation date. The monthly rebate is for 24 months only 


4. Where can I subscribe to 5G home WiFi?
5G home WiFi is currently available at all Celcom bluecube, Digi Stores, Celcom Certified Partners & Digi Store Express. 


5. What happens if my area has intermittent 5G connectivity?

Upon intermittent 5G connectivity, you will be connected to a 4G network. 


6. Where can I check the 5G coverage area?

You may check here or visit the nearest Celcom or Digi outlets to check whether your address falls within the 5G coverage area.


7. Can I purchase the router without a contract?

No, the package comes with minimum 24-month contract.


8. Does the 5G home WiFi come with calls and SMS?
This plan does not support calls and SMS.


9. Can I use this service whilst roaming overseas?
No, you cannot use this service outside Malaysia.


10. How do I install the router?
It’s a plug and play router, therefore no installation is needed for this service.

Setting up is super easy. The advanced 5G home router connects wirelessly to the network so there is no need for ethernet cables or extra hardware. 

Just plug it in where you get the strongest 5G signal in your home – as close to a window as possible. 

A strong signal is indicated by the LED light on your router.

11. Is there a deposit fee?
Yes. An additional RM500 is required upon registration for non-Malaysians. 


12. Is there an advance or upfront payment fee?

  • For CelcomDigi 5G home WiFi, registration is subject to a RM480 upfront payment fee. The upfront payment fee will be rebated as RM20 over a period of 24 months and credited to your bill based on the billing cycle.
  • For CelcomDigi 5G home WiFi Plan only, one-month advance payment of your monthly commitment fees may be applicable.
  • All fee is payable via cash or credit/debit card.


13. If I have exceeded the Fair Usage Policy (FUP), can I continue to browse?
Yes, upon exceeding the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) allocation of (1000GB), the speed will be throttle down to 512kbps until your next billing cycle. To continue the service at regular speeds, you may purchase an add-on Internet plan.


14. What are the available add-on Internet packages?

You can purchase any of the following add-on Internet packages below:


Plus Daily Plan

Plus Monthly Plan

Plus Monthly Plan





Data Quota





24 hours

As per bill cycle


15. How do I purchase an add-on Internet plan?

You can purchase an add-on Internet plan via the Celcom Life app, Celcom Life Hub, MyDigi app or by dialing *200#.

16. If I have an active Plus Daily Plan subscription, which Internet quota will be utilized first?
The Plus Daily Plan will be utilized first.


17. Can I purchase multiple Plus Daily Plan subscriptions?
No. Multiple purchases upon active subscription for Plus Daily Plan is not allowed.


18. Will I get to view the Internet add-on plan I have subscribed to?

Yes. You can view the Internet add-on plan you have subscribed to via the Celcom Life app, Celcom Life Hub & MyDigi app. However, your Plus Monthly Plan quota will be added to your base plan Internet quota.

19. What happens to my unutilized Internet add-on plan quota upon expiry of the subscription?
Any unutilized quota will be forfeited after 24 hours for the Plus Daily Plan, or upon renewal of your bill cycle for the Plus Monthly Plan.


20. What is the warranty period for the router?
The router has a warranty period of twenty-four (24) months.


21. What if my router is faulty and needs replacement?
5G home WiFi routers provided are covered by a limited warranty during your contract period.


22. Where do I go to replace a faulty router?

You can walk-in at any Celcom bluecube & Digi Stores for a device replacement.

23. What devices can I connect to the 5G home router?
You can connect any Wi-Fi capable devices in your home to the 5G home router, from PCs to laptops to set top boxes to smart appliances.


24. What is the difference between the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz signal on my 5G home WiFi plan?
The 5 GHz signal is faster but covers a shorter distance and has weaker wall penetration. The 2.4 GHz signal is slower but covers a greater distance with better wall penetration.


25. What is Wi-Fi 6 technology?
The CelcomDigi 5G home WiFi has the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology. Instead of boosting the speed for individual devices connected, Wi-Fi 6 is all about improving the network when many devices are connected.


26. Who owns the router?
The router remains CelcomDigi's property throughout the contract period. Customers will obtain ownership and entitle to the router upon expiry of your contract period. For clarity, in the event you opt for service cancellation before the contract expires, you may keep the router subject to payment of termination penalty charges. 


27. What happens if the 5G home WiFi router provided by CelcomDigi was damaged or lost during my contract period?
Any loss or damage (physical damage, water damage, lightning strike, burned, or negligence by customer) due to negligence or abuse is not covered under the warranty, and any requests for replacements are chargeable, you will be offered with an outright replacement option at RRP.

28. What if I would like to cancel my subscription?
You will be charged a penalty of the remaining balance of (RM149 x 24 months contract) or a minimum of RM500 (whichever is higher) if you choose to terminate your service before the end of the contract period.


29. Can I keep the router(s) once the contract period has expired?

Yes, the router ownership will be transferred to you once the contract expires. 

30. How do I terminate my contract?

Termination of service is only available at Celcom bluecube & Digi Stores.

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