Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited Product Disclosure Sheet

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Product Overview:

Get three (3) Postpaid lines with unlimited high-speed Internet for only RM200 per month. 

  • Option to add on further Family lines with access to unlimited high-speed Internet from only RM45 per month.
  • Option to add-on Fibre plan from as low as RM75 per month for 50Mbps Fibre (NP: RM85 per month), or upgrade to 300Mbps Fibre plan for only RM129 per month (NP: RM139 per month). 

Effective Date: 1 Mar 2022 - current

Product Details

1. What are the details of the product?

Digi Postpaid 200 2022 

Monthly commitment


Internet QuotaUnlimited High-Speed Internet (non-shareable) + 5GB Hotspot
CallsUnlimited calls to all networks 

1,000 SMS to all networks 


Family Line Rebates 

Add up to 6 Digi Postpaid Family 45 Unlimited as supplementary lines. 


Subscribers with at least two (2) Digi Postpaid 45 Family Unlimited 2022 supplementary lines enjoy a lifetime waiver on two (2) of the supplementary lines. 

Fibre Rebate 

Subscribers who sign up for CelcomDigi Fibre plans under same NRIC will enjoy the following rebates:

Digi Postpaid 200 2022
CelcomDigi Fibre 50Mbps / 100Mbps / 300Mbps / 500Mbps
CelcomDigi Fibre 100Mbps
Fibre Rebate
RM10 x 24 months rebate
RM20 x 24 months rebate 

Digi Broadband Rebate 

Customers who sign up for Digi Broadband as a supplementary line(s) under the same NRIC enjoy RM10 lifetime rebate on the Digi Broadband supplementary line(s). 

FREE BENEFITS for subscribers who opt for a contract 

Freedom Add-ons (12/24 months contract) 

  • 20GB Hotspot (12 months contract) 
  • 60GB Hotspot (24 months contract)

Latest devices with 

PhoneFreedom 365 (24/36 months contract) 

Click here for the full list of devices.

Digi Postpaid Family 45 Unlimited  

(supplementary lines only) 

Monthly Commitment RM45 
Internet Quota Unlimited High-Speed Internet (Non-Shareable) + 5GB Hotspot 
Calls Unlimited calls to all networks 
SMS 300 SMS to all networks 

Freedom Add-ons (12/24 months contract)

  • 10GB Hotspot (12 months contract) 
  • 30GB Hotspot (24 months contract)

2. How many family lines can I add into my Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited? 

You may add up to 6 family lines (Digi Postpaid Family 45 Unlimited), of which the monthly fee for the first two (2) family lines on Digi Postpaid Family 45 Unlimited will be waived for life. 


  1. 3. Can I add other Digi Postpaid plans as my family line?  

Yes, you may add any of the actively selling Digi Postpaid plans into your family plan. However, the lifetime fee waiver is only applicable to the first two (2) family lines on Digi Postpaid Family 45 Unlimited. 


  1. 4. Can I add prepaid lines as my family lines? 

No, you are not allowed to add any prepaid lines as a family line under your Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited. 


  1. 5. Can I add Gadget SIMs as my family lines? 

No, you are not allowed to add any Gadget SIMs as a family line under your Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited.  


  1. 6. Can I sign up for more than one Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited? 

Yes, you may sign up to a maximum of four (4) Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited per NRIC. 


  1. 7. Are there any contracts for Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited? 

By default, the Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited does not come with any contracts. However, you may opt-in for a 12-month/24-month Freedom Add-ons or a 24-month/36-month PhoneFreedom 365 contract to enjoy greater savings and benefits. 


  1. 8. Can I use the Unlimited high-speed internet for hotspot and Peer to Peer download usages? 

No, your unlimited high-speed internet is only for your own line consumption and not applicable for sharing, hotspot, or Peer-to-Peer download usages. However, as part of the subscription, you will enjoy 5GB hotspot quota every month. 


  1. 9. Can my Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited internet enjoy the rollover internet feature? 

No, your Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited internet does not come with rollover internet feature. Internet quota will be renewed at the start of the billing cycle. 


  1. 10. Can I purchase more hotspot quota if I have finished the 5GB hotspot quota that comes with the Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited subscription?  

Yes, you can purchase hotspot boosters via MyDigi app or dial *128#. Hotspot boosters are from as low as RM5 for 5GB Hotspot, valid for 30 days, and it available to all postpaid lines under Digi Postpaid 200 2022 and Digi Postpaid Family 45 Unlimited plans. 


  1. 11. Can I use the Unlimited Calls to all network as part of my subscription for video call, special numbers, roaming, IDD and toll-free usages? 

Your unlimited call to all network only for domestic mobile or fixed on-net and off-net usages (excluding video calls, calls to special numbers, calls to toll-free 1-300 number, roaming, IDD and calls to 121 numbers). 

Fees & Payment

1. Is there any advance payment required during the registration? 

Yes, read here for more information on the advance payment for Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited plan


2. How much do I need to pay monthly for my Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited? 

Subscribers who sign up for Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited consisting of the base Digi Postpaid 200 2022 line and add two (2) supplementary Digi Postpaid Family 45 Unlimited lines under the same account will be charged a monthly commitment fee of RM200 before service tax.  

  • Digi Postpaid 200 2022 = RM200 

  • 2x Digi Postpaid Family 45 Unlimited = RM 0 (waived for life)  

               Total = RM200 per month before service tax 

If subscribers only add one (1) supplementary Digi Postpaid Family 45 Unlimited line, the monthly charges of the family lines will be charged in addition to the base plan.  

  • Digi Postpaid 200 2022 = RM200 

  • 1x Digi Postpaid Family 45 Unlimited = RM45 

  • Total = RM245 per month before service tax 

If subscribers add more than two (2) supplementary Digi Postpaid Family 45 Unlimited lines, the monthly charges of the family lines will be charged for the base plan, plus the third supplementary line onwards. 
  • Digi Postpaid 200 2022 = RM200 

  • 4x Digi Postpaid Family 45 Unlimited = RM45 x 2 = RM90 (the first two lines are waived) 

  • Total = RM290 per month before service tax 



3. What is the credit limit for Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited? 

By default, your Postpaid lines will be assigned with a credit limit as follows: 

  • Digi Postpaid 200 2022: RM600 per bill cycle 

  • Digi Postpaid Family 45 Unlimited: RM135 per bill cycle 


4. What are the penalty fees for Freedom Add-ons or PhoneFreedom 365 contract termination? 

Termination of Freedom Add-ons during the contract duration will incur a penalty charge of RM30 flat fee for a 12-month contract or RM60 flat fee for a 24-month contract. However, the penalty fee will be waived on a condition that you have stayed on the current Freedom Add-on contract for minimum period of 2 months and is replacing it with another contract.

Meanwhile, termination of PhoneFreedom 365 contract will incur a penalty fee calculated based on [(RRP-Advance payment)/contract tenure) x remaining months + admin fee]. For more information, please refer here.  


5. How do I set up for auto billing and are there benefits for auto billing subscribers? 

Yes, if you opt for auto billing for the first time, you will enjoy 5% rebate off your bill for 6 months. 

6. Are there any other fees that I need to pay? 

In addition to the plan advance payment, there are one-time fees that will be charged to the subscriber’s first Postpaid bill.

The list of fees chargeable for Postpaid Line registration is listed below:

Fees Type




Service Tax Status

Registration Type

(Digi Store/Digi Store Express/Digi Dealers/Digi Organized Trade Partners/DSO/MyDigi)

New Line



Change Of Plan

One-time Processing Fee 

(Appears in bill as ‘Processing Fee’)

Charged to the first bill




One Time SIM Fee 

[Appears in bill as “One Time Fee – SIM (NP:RM5)]

(Effective 14 October 2022 for all registrations which involve issuance of new SIM)






 * One-time SIM fee will be waived for registration via Digi Store Online, MyDigi App, Shopee or Lazada.


  • A one-time SIM fee of RM5 will be charged for every Postpaid line registration for new line and port-in registrations performed at Digi Stores and dealer outlets beginning 14 October 2022. This one-time fee is to cover SIM-related handling costs and will be charged to the subscriber’s first bill for sign-ups of Digi Postpaid plans (principal, family and Gadget SIM) and Postpaid Mobile Broadband plans (principal and supplementary).
  • The one-time processing fee of RM10 for administration/processing of the application will remain and be reflected on the first bill for lines registered on any channel.
  • These one-time fees will be charged to the subscriber’s first Postpaid bill.


For existing users

1. Can existing Postpaid subscribers on other plans change plan to the Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited? 

Yes, any subscribers on any existing Digi Postpaid plans can perform change of plans to enjoy the Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited at any of the Digi Stores, Digi Stores Express and Digi Dealers. 


2. If I sign up for just the Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited now, can I sign up for the Freedom Add-on or PhoneFreedom 365 in the future? 

Yes, you may opt for subscription of Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited only without Freedom Add-on or PhoneFreedom 365, and opt-in for Freedom Add-on or PhoneFreedom 365 in the future. 


3. Can I change plans from Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited to another actively selling Digi Postpaid plan? 

Yes. To do so, you must first change your family lines from Digi Postpaid Family 45 Unlimited plans to any other postpaid plans before changing plans for the Digi Postpaid 200 2022. By doing so, you will no longer enjoy the unlimited high-speed internet and family rebate benefit which are part of the Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited subscription. 


4. Can I transfer ownership of my Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited? 

Yes, you may perform transfer of ownership of your Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited if the subscription does not have any Freedom Add-on or PhoneFreedom 365 subscription. To perform transfer of ownership, you may walk into any of the Digi Stores. Please ensure that both current and future owners are physically present with relevant identification for verification. 

Signing Up

1. Where can I sign up for the Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited? 

You may walk into any of Digi Stores, Digi Stores Express and Digi Dealers nationwide. However, if you wish to sign up the Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited with PhoneFreedom 365, you may only do so at Digi Stores and Digi Stores Express nationwide. 


2. Where can I sign up for the Freedom Add-on? 

You may sign up for Freedom Add-on upon line registration at Digi Stores, Digi Stores Express and Digi Dealers nationwide.  

Alternatively, and if you are signing up later, you can sign up via self-serve in the MyDigi app. 

Other Info

1. Are there special rates for voice calls to selected numbers? 



2. What precedence will Mobile Internet utilization follow? 

Your mobile internet will be utilized based on the following precedence depending on the available internet buckets that you have at any point of time: 

  • Quota from any Promotional Freebies 
  • Quota from Internet Top-Up Add-On without contract (One-Time Purchase)  
  • Quota from Hotspot Add-On  
  • Quota from Internet Top-Up Add-On with contract (Monthly Recurring)  
  • Quota from Internet Sharing  
  • Quota from Unlimited High-Speed Internet 




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