Juara Keren 5G Product Disclosure Sheet

Modified on Fri, 03 May 2024 at 08:42 AM

Product Overview:

Juara Keren 5G Pass is a new 5G Plan that offers lightning fast 5G experience and a worry-free video browsing experience with unlimited Internet at an affordable 5G entry Plan from RM35/month.   


Effective on 1 March 2024, Juara Keren 5G is enhanced to provide more value and flexibility to subscribers with options of monthly auto-renewal pass offers. In addition, customers are provided new options with more quota top-up and one-time pass as low as RM1. 


Effective Date: 1 March 2024 - current

Product Details


Monthly Auto-Renewal

Subscribers who opt for a monthly auto-renewal will enjoy 5G Internet and unlimited calls to all net. The prepaid pass will be auto-renewed every 30 days.

Internet Pass
Unlimited Quota
Hotspot Quota
IDD Minutes
5G 35
(Juara Keren)
Unlimited Internet
RM0.30/ min
120 mins
(Bangladesh + Indonesia)
30 days

Quota Top Up and One-Time Passes

Subscribers can opt for Monthly Pass Quota Top Up if their Internet quota finishes before the end of their 30 days subscription. Additionally, subscribers can also opt for One-Time passes with shorter validity. 


1. Quota Top Up 

Quota (5G/4G)
Quota Top Ups follows Monthly Pass Internet Validity


2. One-Time Passes

Quota (5G/4G)
Unlimited Internet
1 hour
1 day
3 days
7 days
Unlimited Internet (6Mbps) & Calls +2GB Hotspot
7 days

3. Base Rates – Voice Calls, SMS and MMS

CallsRM0.30/ min
60 seconds charging block

Fees & Payment

1. How does the payment for monthly auto-renewal Internet Pass work?   

Monthly auto-renewal Internet Pass are designed to simplify Internet Pass renewal journey for customers. Once the intended Internet validity has lapsed, monthly auto-renewal Internet Pass will renew automatically and Internet Pass fees respective to the Internet Pass of choice will be automatically deducted from subscriber’s prepaid main account balance to complete subscription renewal. To ensure uninterrupted auto-renewal process, it is necessary for subscribers to ensure sufficient credit balance is available in main account balance. 


2. What happens if I do not have sufficient credits for the monthly auto-renewal?

In the event that subscriber’s prepaid main account balance falls short of the amount required for Internet Pass renewal fees, the monthly auto-renewal Internet Pass will be suspended upon expiry. Only when subscribers reload the prepaid with sufficient main credit balance, the monthly auto-renewal Internet Pass subscription will renew automatically and Internet Pass fees respective to the Internet Pass of choice will be automatically deducted from subscriber’s prepaid main account balance to complete subscription renewal.

Signing up for Juara Keren 5G

  1. Upgrade from other prepaid rate plans
  2. Port-in

Purchase of Internet Pass

Juara Keren 5G subscribers can subscribe to monthly auto-renewal Internet pass, Internet add-ons, and on-demand one time pass Internet Pass via following channels: 

  1. Celcom Life app
  2. Dial USSD shortcode *118# 
  3. CelcomDigi Stores, Bluecube, or Authorised Celcom or Digi Dealer Stores
  4. CelcomDigi Kiosks 

Prepaid Juara Keren 5G Lifecycle

Lifecycle Status

Active Period

(Follows Internet subscription validity)

Prepaid account will be activated when a CelcomDigi Prepaid subscriber: 

  • Performs reload to prepaid account, thus extending its account validity or
  • Subscribes to any Juara Keren 5G monthly Internet Pass and Internet one-time passes. This is attributed to Always Active feature which streamlines both account validity and Internet validity upon Internet subscription.

Grace Period

(60 days)

CelcomDigi Prepaid account will go into grace period upon expiry of account validity.  


The grace period serves as an interval for CelcomDigi Prepaid subscribers to reload or renew Internet Pass subscription upon expiry. 


During grace period, subscribers can continue to receive incoming voice calls and SMS, but cannot make any originating voice calls, send SMS or consume mobile data.


To reactive a prepaid account in grace period, subscribers are required to perform a reload of any amount.


CelcomDigi Prepaid account will be terminated once R2 grace period is lapsed. Subsequently, the prepaid account number (MSISDN) will be recycled upon termination of Prepaid account.


Data Utilisation Precedence

Your Internet will be utilized based on the following precedence depending on the available Internet buckets that you have at any point in time: 

  1. Internet Freebie  
  2. One-Time Passes  
  3. Quota Top Up
  4. Monthly Internet Pass 
  5. Free Basic Internet 

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