FAQ: CelcomDigi Prepaid Juara Keren 5G Plan

Modified on Fri, 03 May 2024 at 08:42 AM

1. What is the all new CelcomDigi Prepaid Juara Keren 5G Plan?

Juara Keren 5G is a new 5G Plan that offers lightning fast 5G experience and a worry-free video browsing experience with unlimited Internet at an affordable 5G entry plan from RM35/month. 


2. How do I subscribe and track my mobile Internet Pass?

You can purchase any subscription service, track and manage your account via the app or by dialling *118*2#. 


3. Are existing XPAX Prepaid customers eligible to subscribe to the new Internet Passes? 

No, only CelcomDigi Prepaid Juara Keren 5G customers are eligible to subscribe to these new Internet Passes. However existing XPAX Prepaid customers may change to the new plan by visiting any Authorized Celcom or Digi Dealer Stores. 


4. If I am a Digi customer, can I migrate/ COP (Change of Plan) to CelcomDigi Prepaid Juara Keren 5G?

You cannot COP to CelcomDigi Prepaid Juara Keren 5G. However, you can port-in to a new mobile service provider (Celcom) while retaining your existing mobile number.


5. What are the Internet options for Juara Keren 5G Plan?

Juara Keren 5G subscribers can purchase monthly internet of RM35 (Prepaid 5G 35). Prepaid 5G 35 (Juara Keren) is an Internet pass specially designed for foreign workers in Malaysia. This pass offers a bundle of services such as unlimited Internet and free IDD minutes to selected countries. Foreign workers can subscribe to this pass via Celcom Life App, UMB or walk-in to any dealers. The pass is valid for 30 days from the date of subscription. 


6. What is Prepaid 5G 35 (Juara Keren) offered for CelcomDigi Prepaid foreign workers customers?

  1. Unlimited Internet (3mbps) 
  2. 120 minutes IDD call to Indonesia and Bangladesh


7. What is the usage priority for the Mobile Internet Pass? 

  1. Internet Passes (high-speed)
  2. Internet Passes (with cap speed)
  3. Basic Internet (64kbps)


8. What happens to my unused Internet Quota when my Mobile Internet Pass subscription renews? 

Unused Internet Quota from previous subscription will NOT be carried forward   upon renewal.


9. What happens when my Internet Pass quota is fully utilised before the expiry date? Will I be charged on a pay-per-use basis?

All our rate plans come with 500MB basic Internet (64kbps). This will allow you to perform basic communication such as VOIP calls and basic internet messaging. However, based on your Internet browsing needs, you can also purchase a Quota Top-Up or subscribe to a Monthly Internet Pass for a more seamless Internet experience.


10. How much will I be charged once the free mins IDD calls are used up?

You will be charged according to our IDD call rates. Please refer to our website celcom.com.my for details. Alternatively, you can buy the Prepaid 5G 35 (Juara Keren) Pass again to enjoy the free IDD minutes.


11. What happens if I do multiple subscriptions of the Prepaid 5G 35 (Juara Keren)?

Multiple subscriptions are allowed, however the renewal of the pass will follow the latest pass subscription.


12. Will my Prepaid 5G 35 (Juara Keren) auto-renew?

Yes, the Internet Pass comes with an auto-renewal feature.


13. Can I stop auto-renewal for the Prepaid 5G 35 (Juara Keren) Pass?

Yes. You may stop auto-renewal via the Celcom Life App or dial *118#.


14. Why am I not getting 5G access when I already subscribe to 5G Internet pass?

Customers on CelcomDigi Prepaid Juara Keren 5G must ensure the following in order to utilize 5G Internet:

  • Customers must be using a 5G capable, supported and enabled Mobile Device with updated software version to access and/or utilise 5G network. 
  • Customers must be located within the 5G network coverage area. If you are located outside the 5G network coverage area, you’ll automatically switch to any of our other available networks.
  • Customers must have a 4G LTE enabled SIM. 


15. When exactly does my Mobile Internet Pass Weekly and Monthly expire?

The expiry of Mobile Internet Pass varies between the type of passes.

  • Monthly Passes: Validity follows a 30-day cycle. The Monthly Pass will be valid until 11:59 P.M. on the 30th day upon successful subscription. 
  • One-Time Passes: 
  • Hourly/ Daily Pass: Validity follows the exact hour/ minute upon successful subscription.
  • Weekly Pass: Validity follows a 7-day cycle. The Weekly Pass will be valid until 11:59 P.M. on the 7th day upon successful subscription.
  • Quota Top Up: Validity follows the validity of the subscribed Monthly Pass. 
  • Example 1:
     Monthly Pass expires on 30th June 2024. Subscribe to Quota Top Up RM6 for 15GB on 1st June 2024. Quota Top up will expire on 30th June 2024.
  • Example 2:
     Monthly Pass expires on 30th June 2024. Subscribe to Quota Top Up RM3 for 5GB on 15th June 2024. Quota Top up will expire on 30th June 2024.
Type of PassPass Validity
Subscription Date/ TimeExpiry Date/ Time
Monthly Pass30 days1 March 2024/ 9:00 A.M.30 March 2024/ 11:59 P.M.
One Time Pass7 days1 March 2024/ 9:00 A.M.
7 March 2024/ 11:59 P.M.
One Time Pass1 day1 March 2024/ 9:00 A.M.
2 March 2024/ 9:00 A.M.
One Time Pass1 hour1 March 2024/ 9:00 A.M.
1 March 2024/ 10:00 A.M.
Quota Top UpFollows monthly pass validity


16. Am I able to do tethering/hotspot to another device(s) or desktop?

Yes. Tethering/hotspot will be enabled for all Internet Passes based on the allocated hotspot quota.


17. What happens when my Hotspot quota has fully utilized? 

Upon full utilization of your Hotspot quota, you can purchase a Quota Top Up via the Celcom Life app or dialing *118*2*3# to continue with Hotspot services. 


18. Is International Roaming services enabled by default for CelcomDigi Prepaid Juara Keren 5G?

Yes, International roaming service is enabled by default for CelcomDigi Prepaid Juara Keren 5G. All you will need is to purchase a roaming pass to be used in overseas via Celcom Life App or via *118# (while abroad).

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