Installation and Activation for CelcomDigi Fibre

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1. What is the CelcomDigi fibre installation process?

Once you have registered for CelcomDigi fibre online, at any CelcomDigi stores or our authorised Fibre agents:

  • We will contact you within 24 hours and once all the documents are provided to our agents, we will take three (3) business days to confirm your installation appointment. 
  • Upon confirmation with our agent, you will receive an email detailing your appointment date and time. 
  • In the event that you need to reschedule your installation appointment, please WhatsApp our CelcomDigi fibre account (+6011 1600 3088) at least 72 hours before the installation date. Failure to do so will result in a RM200 fee. 
  • You are required to be present on the day of installation. In the event that you are not able to do so, a person you have designated aged 18 and above is to be present on your behalf. If the designated person is present on the installation date, you hereby agree and authorize the designated person to sign the service acceptance form on your behalf.
  • Once installation is completed, please ensure a speed test is done by the installer with at least 90% of the subscribed speed achieved via LAN cable before you sign the Service Acceptance Form (SAF). 
  • In the event of unsuccessful installation, CelcomDigi authorized installer will try to resolve the issue on the day itself or reschedule another session after performing a further investigation.

2. Will my installation be free?

All standard installations are free and based on the following criteria:

  • Up to 100m fibre cable connection from the nearest distribution point to the Broadband Termination Unit (BTU)
  • Up to 2m of RJ45 cable from the BTU/ modem to the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)/ Wi-Fi router

Standard installation takes an average of 2 hours. The duration differs from home to home depending on the distance of the fibre cable and other factors.

3. Will there be any drilling or physical installation involved? 

Drilling may be required to connect the service to your house. You will need to approve the drilling and the design of the connection prior to installation. Drilling and additional work may incur additional changes. Our installer will advise you on the fee before the work commences. If you are an existing fibre customer with other telco providers, there will be no physical installation needed since the new Router will be connected to the same Modem currently used by you.

4. What happens if I already have fibre from another provider installed at home?

Step 1: Walk into any CelcomDigi store or speak to our authorised fibre agents to subscribe to CelcomDigi Fibre. You will need to provide the requested PDF/photo of your existing fibre bill/utility bill and your Google Maps location for transfer request application. You will be given a Transfer Request ID.

Step 2:
You are advised to pay any outstanding bill and to check your existing service contract expiry.

Step 3: Within 10 days, you will receive a verification call from your current provider. If you do not receive a call or wish to expedite, you may call your current provider.

Step 4: We will inform you once it is approved or rejected.

Step 5: Once successful, you can make an installation appointment. You are not required to surrender your fibre equipment until CelcomDigi installation takes place. CelcomDigi Fibre installation will be completed within 10 days.

Note: Your current fibre service from your existing provider will be terminated 10 to 15 days after the transfer request approval date.


5. What if my request is considered as non-standard installation?

If your installation does not meet the criteria for standard installation, it will be considered non-standard installation, including: 

  • Material used (e.g casing, conduit, micro duct protection, etc)
  • Trenching work
  • Non-direct cable routing (e.g cable through ceiling or underground)
  • Underground, concealed or over-roof cabling
  • Where passage is blocked:
  • Work required to clear the blockage at the existing underground passage
  • Work required to clear the blockage outside/inside customer premise
  • Any extra work not categorized by installer as standard installation

There will be an additional cost that will need to pay directly to the installer. Do request for a receipt with itemized charges and warranty period clearly stated. The work must be completed at the customer's expense and CelcomDigi will not be responsible for the quality or completeness of the work.

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