Celcom Postpaid 4G+5G Quota Top Up

Modified on Thu, 29 Feb 2024 at 01:45 PM

1. What is 4G+5G Quota Top Up (QTU)?

The 4G+5G QTU is an internet add-on which will grant you additional 4G & 5G Quota on top of your base quota to ensure you have uninterrupted experience with the 5G network.

2. Can I use the 4G+5G quota in 4G and 5G coverage areas? 
Yes, the allocated data quota is usable in both 4G and 5G coverage areas.

3. When my 4G+5G quota depletes, can I utilize the existing internet quota in 5G coverage areas?
Yes, as long as your 4G+5G QTU is still active, all quotas you currently have will be accessible on both 4G and 5G, depending on the coverage area that you are in.

4. How do I know if my plan is eligible for the 4G+5G QTU?

Below are the eligible plans for 4G+5G QTU:




Eligible Plans


10GB (4G+5G)




  • MEGA™ Family Line Lightning
  • XPAX Postpaid™ 40 
  • XP Lite™ Plan with M Pass 


30GB (4G+5G)



  • MEGA™ Family Line Lightning
  • XPAX Postpaid™ 40 
  • XP Lite™ Plan with M Pass 


60GB (4G+5G)




  • XPAX Postpaid™ 60  
  • XP Lite™ Plan with L Pass 
  • MEGA™ 80 


90GB (4G+5G)



  • MEGA™ 98 Lightning 
  • MEGA™ 128 Lightning 
  • MEGA™ 158 Lightning 
  • MEGA™ 188 Lightning 
  • MEGA™ Lightning with M Pass 
  • MEGA™ Lightning with M+ Pass 
  • MEGA™ Lightning with L Pass 
  • MEGA™ Lightning with L+ Pass 
  • MEGA™ Lightning with XL Pass


5. How to subscribe to 4G+5G QTU?
You can subscribe to the 4G+5G QTU via Celcom Life app, under the Add-Ons tab.

You will receive an SMS upon successful subscription.

Important Note: If you subscribe in the middle of your billing cycle, you will be charged the full amount.

6. Do I need to re-subscribe the 4G+5G QTU the following month?
The QTU will be automatically renewed for you each month according to your bill cycle. You will receive an SMS notification upon successful auto-renewal. 


7. Can I stop the auto-renewal after subscription?

You can stop the auto-renewal on our Celcom Life App by following the steps below: 

Step 1: Go the Celcom Life app, and click the 'Usage' tab. 

Step 2: Open the sub-menu (3 dots) on Auto Renew under your 4G+5G QTU

Step 3: Click 'Turn off auto-renew'

Step 4: Confirm the deactivation. 

8. I am on Celcom Mega 80 and subscribed to the 10GB(4G+5G) QTU in the middle of my bill cycle, will I be charged the full RM10?

Yes, you will be charged the full RM10.

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