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just4ME deals are loyalty programs that enable all Celcom customers to receive rewards and obtain great discounts by participating in activities and completing successful transactions.


1. Welcome Rewards

Only new registration with Celcom or customers downloading Celcom Life app for the first time will get a reward. The welcome banner will appear in the just4ME page. This reward is only for one-time use.


2. Birthday Rewards

You can find your birthday rewards in the Celcom Life app. Click on the gift icon at home page, then you will find just4ME page and birthday banner as well.


3. Anniversary Rewards 

Selected customers will be able to receive a reward based on selected tenures below:



12th month

Free 5GB data for 1 week

36th month

RM100 Device Voucher

60th month

RM100 Device Voucher

120th month

RM100 Device Voucher

180th month

RM150 Device Voucher

240th month

RM250 Device Voucher



12th month

12th month

36th month

Free 20GB data for 1 month

60th month

Free 30GB data for 1 month

120th month

Free 50GB data for 1 month

180th month

RM100 Device Voucher

240th month

RM200 Device Voucher

4. Device Voucher

Please refer to the steps below to redeem your device voucher:  

Step 1: You need to redeem the device voucher as anniversary rewards via Celcom Life app

Step 2: Click on the banner or notification in the app to redeem the voucher code (the banner can be found at just4ME page)

Step 3: Click on 'My Rewards' tab and find the device voucher code redeemed under 'Claimed Rewards'

Step 4: Go to Celcom bluecube to use the device voucher

Step 5: Click on the device voucher, then click 'Use Now'

Step 6: Tap for code and the unique code will appear on screen

Step 7: Show it to the frontliner at bluecube and claim your device.

Note: The unique code cannot be redeemed by a third-party representative.

5. Lifestyle Deal Voucher

Please follow the steps below to redeem your lifestyle deal voucher:

Step 1: Login to Celcom Life app

Step 2: Click on the gift icon on the top, it will bring you to just4ME page

Step 3: Click on ‘Lifestyle Deals’ and a list of catalogue offers will appear

Step 4: Click Redeem on any of the offers

Step 5: The voucher will be added to the 'My Rewards' tab

Step 6: To use the voucher, go to ‘My Rewards’ and use the code

Step 7: The voucher can be redeemed at the outlet or online.


6. Auto Reload Rewards

Auto reload means the amount will be auto deducted from your bank account/ credit card monthly. A reward will be given once you subscribe for auto reload services.

Note: You will get the reward on the next day after subscribing which will be added to your 'My Rewards' tab. If you disable and enable auto reload again for the following month, you will not be entitled to the reward. This reward is given once a year.


7. Login Rewards

Check-in to the Celcom Life app a few times a week to receive login rewards. This reward will only be available once a month.

  • Postpaid: Check-in 3 times a week
  • Prepaid: Check in 5 times a week
Note: Any mobile data or Internet reward will appear at the usage screen as a different tile. It will not be added to your current mobile data balance.

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