What I need to know about 3G Network Sunset?

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1. What is 3G sunset?

As part of Jalinan Digital Negara (JENDELA), the national digital infrastructure plan, the 3G network has been shut down nationwide to allow the transition to a future ready network that can benefit the people and the nation.


2. Why is 3G sunsetting/ shutting down/ powering off/ retiring?

3G sunset is one of the initiatives identified under the JENDELA program that aims to migrate existing spectrum to 4G technology, to further improve wireless broadband speeds for all Malaysian.

3. When did the shut down take place?

All Telecom operators has gradually shut down its 3G network in phases throughout 2021, and has fully shut down by 31 December 2021.


4. What are the benefits of shutting down 3G for the public?

Shutting down the 3G network will allow telcos to re-farm the spectrum from 3G to 4G, which can boost 4G network speed, as the country’s JENDELA aspiration is to enable users to experience an average speed of up to 35 Mbps. This will help enhance the quality of service for mobile users to have greater experience in internet browsing, video streaming, gaming and other online services. Customers can notice improvements like:

  • Higher data speeds
  • Lower latency
  • Better network reliability and stability


5. Which locations will be affected?

3G networks has been gradually shut down across the whole nation by 31 December 2021. Customers were given early notice to allow time for preparation to migrate to 4G.

6. If I am on a 3G device, do I need to buy a new device?

You are required to upgrade to a 4G device. For more info on the latest and attractive device offerings, visit CelcomDigi website for compatible devices or walk-in to the nearest Celcom bluecube or Digi Stores.


7. How did Celcom and Digi assist customers during the migration? 

We notified you through the SMS to upgrade your SIM card and/or to upgrade your device.

8. Will I experience any service disruption?

Customers who are connected to 4G and 4G LTE will not experience any connectivity disruptions during the migration process.

9. Will I be automatically upgraded to the 4G LTE option?

By default, consumers should be able to connect to a 4G network if the device is capable of doing so based on its specification. However, if a user manually disables the 4G option in the phone setting, 4G connection will be disabled.

10. Do I need to change my existing plan or switch to a 4G SIM card?

If your current devices are 4G ready, you may continue to enjoy the service without having to change plans or devices. 


11. If I decided to not upgrade or switch to 4G upon 3G sunset, what will happen to my current contract/plan?

Your current contract and plan will remain the same. However, you will experience a drop in the quality of data service as you will only be able to use services on the 2G network.


12. Why we retiring 3G before 2G?

3G data users have declined significantly due to the smartphone migration to 4G, while a number of M2M and IoT devices such as security and health equipment still run on 2G. This makes it easier and more efficient to migrate 3G users rather than 2G users to a 4G network. 3G network was fully shut down by 31 December 2021.

13. Will the 2G be shut down as well?

There are no current plans to shut down 2G as it is still able to support Digi users and M2M devices.


14. Will 3G sunset affect my bill or incur higher charges?

Your bill amount will remain the same as your current subscription. 


15. Will I get bill discounts if I experience service disruptions on my 3G device after the 3G sunset?

While we assisted you as best possible through this transition, customers are responsible for device upgrades and we are unable to waive any bill charges.

16. There is no 4G network coverage in my area, only 3G. How am I able to get connected if the 3G network is shut down?

Under JENDELA, the industry is working towards stronger 4G connectivity nationwide and to ensure all Malaysians have more consistent internet access. 


17. Can I use my existing M2M SIM to subscribe M2M 4G LTE?

LTE is supported for 3G USIM only. For MCS, all 3G is USIM. If you are subscribing to other type of SIM, you are not able to subscribe to LTE. We advise you to arrange for SIM upgrade and subscribe to M2M 4G LTE. However, for customers that are subscribed to 2G SIM and wishes to upgrade to LTE, they are required to replace their 2G SIM to USIM. 

18. How do I subscribe to M2M 4G LTE?

  • Login to M2M Connected Services Self-Care Centre and go to Package > Add-On Service.
  • Select single SIM or multiple SIM and click Request Add-on Service.
  • At Request Add-On Service page, select the Add-on Service and Service Type (Add Service) and click Validation Check. 
  • After Service is successfully validated, click on Submit to proceed with the subscription.

19. What happen if I've added-on M2M 4G LTE but I'm using a non-compliant 4G LTE device?

You can choose to use the non-compliant 4G LTE device, but it will probably operate at 2G speeds depending on the area.

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