Digi Monthly Roaming Freedom Add-Ons

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Offer Details

Monthly Roaming is a monthly recurring package with a 24-month contract that gives subscribers free roaming internet in 70 countries:

1. Albania 

2. Armenia 
3. Australia 
4. Austria 
5. Azerbaijan 
6. Bahrain 
7. Bangladesh 
8. Belarus 
9. Belgium 
10. Brunei 
11. Cambodia 
12. China 
13. Costa Rica 
14. Croatia 
15. Cyprus 
16. Czech Republic 
17. Denmark 
18. Egypt

19. Estonia 
20. Finland 
21. France 
22. Germany 
23. Ghana 
24. Greece 
25. Hong Kong 
26. Hungary 
27. Iceland 
28. India 
29. Indonesia 
30. Ireland 
31. Italy 
32. Japan 
33. Jersey 
34. Kazakhstan 
35. Korea 
36. Kuwait

37. Kyrgyzstan 
38. Laos 
39. Latvia 
40. Lithuania 
41. Luxembourg 
42. Macau 
43. Malta 
44. Myanmar 
45. Nepal 
46. Netherlands 
47. New Zealand 
48. Norway 
49. Pakistan 
50. Philippines 
51. Poland 
52. Portugal 
53. Qatar 
54. Romania 

55. Saudi Arabia 
56. Serbia 
57. Singapore 
58. South Africa 
59. Spain 
60. Sri Lanka 
61. Sweden 
62. Switzerland 
63. Taiwan 
64. Thailand 
65. Turkey 
66. UAE 
67. United Kingdom 
68. USA 
69. Uruguay 
70. Vietnam 

Note: Operator selection is done automatically to the preferred local operator. Manual selection is only required if you have issues connecting to the preferred network.


Monthly Roaming is available for FREE to existing Digi Postpaid subscribers without an active contract, by signing up for a 24-month contract via Freedom Add-Ons. Digi Postpaid plans eligible for FREE Monthly Roaming are:

  • Digi Postpaid 90 2021
  • Digi Postpaid 120 2021
  • Digi Postpaid 150 2021

Free Roaming Internet Quota

The free roaming internet quota is dependent on your Digi Postpaid Plan. Below is the free roaming internet quota by plan:

Digi Postpaid Plan

Free Roaming Internet

Digi Postpaid 90 2021


Digi Postpaid 120 2021


Digi Postpaid 150 2021 


Note: Upon utilisation of the free roaming Internet, data browsing will be suspended. You will need to purchase a roaming pass to continue enjoying roaming data. Please click here to see the available roaming pass.

How to Sign-Up

You can enjoy the Monthly Roaming pass for FREE (within the 24-month contract duration) via MyDigi App, Digi Store Online, Digi Store or Digi Store Express.

To sign up for Monthly Roaming via MyDigi App:

Step 1: Open MyDigi App and Click ‘Buy Add-Ons’

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Description automatically generated

Step 2: Select ‘Contracts’ and Select ‘FREE 25GB Roaming Data’ 

A screenshot of a phone

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Step 3: Click ‘Confirm’

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Step 4: Your Monthly Roaming will be successfully activated.

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