Instagram Walla

Modified on Mon, 18 Sep 2023 at 02:43 PM

1. What is an Instagram Walla Add-On? 
Hi-speed Internet within mobile apps / mobile browser of Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, and IMO. 


2. How can I subscribe to Instagram Walla Add-On? 
You can subscribe via Celcom Life App or dial *118*3#. 


3. Is auto renewal available for Instagram Walla Add-On? 
Auto renewal is available for the weekly and monthly Instagram Walla Add-On. 


4. How do I stop auto renewal for Instagram Walla Add-On? 
You can stop auto renewal via Celcom Life App or simply dial *118*3#. 


5. How will my quota be used when I subscribe to an Instagram Walla Add-On? 
If you have an active Internet plan, your Internet plan quota will not be used when you access allowed Instagram sites at high speed. 
If you do not have an active Internet plan, you will enjoy allowed Instagram sites at high-speed using the Instagram Walla Add-On quota. 


6. What if I access a link in Instagram? 
If the content is within Instagram, your Instagram Walla Add-On quota will be used. 
If the content link is outside of Instagram: 

  •  With an active Internet Plan - your Internet Plan quota will be used 
  •  Without an active Internet Plan - you will surf at a reduced speed of 64kbps 


7. Will I be charged as I use data for other apps when I subscribe to the Instagram Walla Add-On? 
No, once you subscribe to the Instagram Walla Add-On, you will not be charged as you use within the Add-On validity. 
If you are not a Magic SIM, Turbo or latest Celcom XPAX plan customer, and you subscribe to an Instagram Walla Add-On, you will also be given 100MB of Free Basic Internet capped at 64kbps valid for the duration of the Instagram Walla. 
Once the 100MB is fully utilized, you will be blocked until the end of the Add-On validity. Just purchase another Add-On to enjoy hi-speed Instagram again! 


8. What is the data usage priority rank for all Internet? 

  1. Freebies 
  2. Add-On 
  3. Internet Plan 
  4. Free Basic 
  5. Pay per use



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