CelcomDigi x rydeEV Electric Motorcycle Postpaid Plan

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1. What is this rydeEV offer about? 

In hopes to revolutionise your ride, CelcomDigi has collaborated with Oyika Green Technologies Sdn Bhd (OGTSB) to offer the rydeEV (a brand of Yinson Greentech) electric motorcycle subscription plan to new and existing CelcomDigi customers. 


2. How do I purchase a rydeEV electric motorcycle with CelcomDigi? 

You can sign up through CelcomDigi’s Easy360 instalment program for electric motorcycles. This is a Lease-to-Own subscription model. 


3. Who owns the electric motorcycle? 

During the contract period, Oyika Green Technologies Sdn Bhd. (OGTSB) retains ownership rights to the electric motorcycle. After the contract ends, there will be an arrangement for a transfer of ownership from Oyika to you. 


4. How do I charge a rydeEV electric motorcycle? 

rydeEV adopts a Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) model, utilising a battery swapping technology from Oyika. With BaaS, simply swap your used battery at your nearest battery swap station in Klang Valley. You may refer to the Oyika Fleet App for the location of all battery swap stations. 


5. Can I test drive the electric motorcycle? 

Prior to your subscription, you may visit the rydeEV Experience Centre to request for a test drive.

Please note that the rydeEV Experience Centre operates from Monday to Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. and is closed on weekends and public holidays.


6. Where can I sign up for a rydeEV electric motorcycle? 

For the time being, rydeEV is available for sign up at selected Celcom and Digi stores in Klang Valley. You may visit the following stores to sign up for rydeEV with Easy360:

  • Celcom bluecube (Iconic), Sunway Pyramid
  • Celcom bluecube, Sunway Pyramid
  • Digi Store, Sunway Pyramid
  • Celcom bluecube, Prima Sri Gombak
  • Digi Store, Alamanda
  • Celcom bluecube, Alamanda

Sign up will be made available at more CelcomDigi outlets over time. Please stay tuned and check for updated list.


7. Are rydeEV electric motorcycles only available within Klang Valley area?

At the moment, rydeEV electric motorcycles are only available within Klang valley area. We will expand to other regions over time.


Lease-to-Own subscription with Easy360

8. How does the Lease-to-Own subscription with Easy360 work? 

Similar to purchasing a smartphone, Easy360 is a device instalment program that provides you with the best deals on the latest phones. Unlike a smartphone, rydeEV electric motorcycle is a Lease-to-Own subscription model with a 36-months contract tenure, in which the ownership of the electric motorcycle will be transferred to you at the end of the contract after paying RM1. 


9. What is the benefit of subscribing to Easy360? 

By subscribing to Easy360, you will enjoy a RM10 rebate on the subscribed CelcomDigi plan throughout the duration of your vehicle contract tenure. 


10. Which plans can I sign up to subscribe to rydeEV electric motorcycle? 

You can subscribe to any of our latest CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G Principal plans. 


11. How many rydeEV bikes can I sign up?

Each customer with a valid original NRIC is eligible to sign up for up to maximum two (2) registration for Easy360 contract. 


12. I am a foreigner; can I sign up for rydeEV with Easy360?

Easy360 is currently only open to Malaysian citizens, with NRIC and 18 years and above.


13. Do I need to pay any vehicle advance payment upon signing up?

Yes, you may be required to pay a vehicle advance payment upon signing up depending on your credit history. However, subject to eligibility, you may be entitled to enjoy ZERO advance payment.

The upfront payment will vary based on the rydeEV model you have selected. Any advance payment collected will be refunded back to you over the contract duration.

14. What documents do I have to bring to sign up for a rydeEV electric motorcycle? 

  • Original NRIC
  • Valid Motorcycle driving license (Category B2)
  • Proof of Address document


15. I currently am on a device contract; can I subscribe to the rydeEV electric motorcycle? 

One (1) mobile line is only permitted to sign up one device or service contract at any time. You are required to terminate your existing contract if you wish to subscribe to the rydeEV electric motorcycle contract. 


rydeEV electric motorcycle

16. What is included in the monthly price? 

  • An electric motorcycle with the latest EV technology from rydeEV
  • Unlimited mileage 
  • Unlimited battery swap 
  • Roadtax 
  • Motorcycle Insurance for electric motorcycle
  • Maintenance (excluding tyres)
  • After 36 months, pay RM1 to own the electric motorcycle 


17. What is the sign-up process like? 

1. Visit one of the 6 Celcom bluecube or Digi Stores below: 

  • Celcom bluecube (Iconic), Sunway Pyramid
  • Celcom bluecube, Sunway Pyramid
  • Digi Store, Sunway Pyramid
  • Celcom bluecube, Prima Sri Gombak
  • Digi Store, Alamanda
  • Celcom bluecube, Alamanda

2. Ensure all relevant documents are ready upon sign up

  1. Original NRIC
  2. Valid Motorcycle driving license (Category B2)
  3. Proof of Address document 
  4. Approved QR code from MaRii (for rebate applications for electric motorcycle)

3. Subscribe to CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G plan and complete the registration process in store. 

4. A representative from rydeEV will contact you to arrange delivery of the rydeEV electric motorcycle within 2 working days (for applications without MaRii rebate) or 14 working days (for applications with MaRii rebate).


18. How do I check the battery level of my rydeEV electric motorcycle? 

Simply download the Oyika Fleet app, you may monitor the battery level of your rydeEV electric motorcycle via the app. 


19. Can my friends or family drive my electric motorcycle? 

Yes, your friends or family can ride your electric motorcycle, as long as they have a valid motorcycle driving license (category B2).

Please note that the motorcycle insurance included in the bundle will cover all riders of the electric motorcycle who have been granted permission by the lessee of the electric motorcycle throughout the 36-month duration of the lease-to-own subscription. 


20. Can I modify my rydeEV electric motorcycle? 

During the contract period, you are not allowed to modify, customize or upgrade the vehicle under any circumstances. You are allowed to modify after the contract ends and ownership has been transferred to your name. 


Redemption of RM2,400 rebate under Budget 2024 

21. What is this rebate about? 

Skim Galakkan Penggunaan Motosikal Elektrik (MARiiCas) is a rebate scheme announced under Budget 2024 to encourage the subscription for electric motorcycles. If you are an eligible Malaysian, you can enjoy RM2,400 rebate if you subscribe for a rydeEV electric motorcycle with CelcomDigi. 


22. How do I apply for the RM2,400 rebate?

Log in to https://insentif.marii.my/ to apply for the rebate. You shall receive your eligibility result within 14 working days.   Once approved, you shall download the QR which can be found in the portal and visit one of the Celcom or Digi stores mentioned above to sign up. Remember, the QR is only valid for 30 days! 


23. What is the criteria for the redemption of RM2,400 rebate as announced by MaRii?

Criteria for the redemption of RM2,400 is:

  • Annual income not more than RM120,000
  • Malaysian citizens, with NRIC and 18 years and above
  • Holds a valid motorcycle driving license (Category B, B1 @ B2) 
  • First time redeeming the MARiiCas rebate

Other Matters

24. I would like to terminate my rydeEV electric motorcycle contract early, what should I do? 

Please walk in one of the designated Celcom bluecube or Digi store and we will assist you accordingly. Please note that penalty fees will be applied for early termination of your contract. 


Once early termination payment has been made, you can proceed to pay RM1 to transfer the ownership of electric motorcycle to you. 


25. I am having some issues on my rydeEV electric motorcycle, who should I contact? 

If it’s an electric motorcycle vehicle related issue, please contact rydeEV through the Oyika Fleet app. 

If it’s billing/charges and CelcomDigi product related issue, please get in touch with us or call our CelcomDigi customer care hotline.

26. I am interested in Ryde EV. Where can I find out more about the Ryde EV specification? 

To find out more about the RydeEV’s specification, kindly refer to here.


27. What happens if I do not make my payment promptly?

In the event of delayed payment, you may encounter service disturbances with your bike. 

If payment has been made after the disruption, kindly submit a reactivation request to https://support.celcomdigi.com/ to restore service for your bike. Your bike will be restored within 24 hours.

28. My electric motorcycle has been deactivated. What should I do to have the electric motorcycle reactivated?

If your electric motorcycle has been deactivated, you are required to settle the outstanding bill to reactivate the vehicle.


In the event that you fail to repay the outstanding bill, Oyika holds the right to repossess the electric motorcycle through any means until the final settlement is completed.


Please take note that a fee of RM150 is applicable for any repossession activity.

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