E-Commerce Scam

Modified on Fri, 08 Mar 2024 at 04:30 PM

E-Commerce scams, also known as online shopping scams, are deceptive activities that take place on online shopping platforms or through e-marketplaces and social media platforms. In some cases, scammers even advertise on social media to trick people into thinking they are genuine.

How To Spot E-Commerce Scam

  • Fraudulent sellers advertise products & services at unbelievably low prices, limited time only or flash deals.
  • The e-commerce sites might appear legit but lack essential info or unstated terms & conditions. 
  • Scammers try to take conversation off the platform to avoid detection.
  • Scammers request off-platform payment methods such as bank transfers. 
  • Reviews that seem suspicious or overly positive, as scammers may manipulate them. 
  • Scammers might send victims an .APK (Application Packaging Kit) file or link to install an unverified app for the purpose of making appointments and payment. Learn more about APK fraud here
  • Some may even request for personal / banking details / OTP code, putting victims at risk. 
  • Some insist on upfront payments before offering supposed great deals.

Things to keep in mind:

  • DO NOT trust deals that seem too good to be true. 
  • Shop on trusted platforms, ensure you select verified sellers and official brand stores. 
  • Ensure the website has a secure connection (look for "https://" and a padlock icon in the address bar). 
  • DO NOT agree to any bank transfers out of the online shopping platform. 
  • DO NOT click on links sent by sellers asking for additional purchase confirmation, as they might collect your information or download malware to your device. 
  • Watch out for fake or overly positive reviews.  
  • DO NOT share personal / financial information, including OTP / TAC code to anyone. 
  • Keep your device's antivirus and anti-malware software updated to protect against potential threats.

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Rest assured that CelcomDigi is actively taking measures to ensure our customers do not fall prey to such scams.

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