Investment Scam

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Investment scams often lure people with the promise of rapid, above-average returns on their money. These scams typically involve individuals investing their funds in specific assets or products, like cryptocurrencies or term deposits. Scammers frequently target potential victims through investment advertisements on social media platforms as well as messaging apps or even through mutual acquaintances.


How to Spot an Investment Scam:

  • Unrealistic Returns

Be cautious of promises of exceptionally high profits in an unrealistically short time or with minimal to no risk.

  • High-Pressure Tactics

Watch out for urgent demands to make quick decisions, often accompanied by claims of limited availability like "Special rates for the first 20 investors. Act now!" or "Invest today for an extra 20% bonus payout".

  • Cash Transactions

Beware if you're asked to make payments to an individual or unrelated company account, not associated with the investment.

  • Unsolicited Offers

Exercise caution with investments promoted online or by agents, especially if your sole point of contact is an individual or the internet. Verify investments through publicly available information or relevant authorities.

  • "Exclusive" Opportunities

Stay vigilant against offers to invest in a security before it becomes publicly available.

  • Celebrity Endorsement

Be wary of fake endorsements of investments or other business opportunities.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Ignore unsolicited calls, emails, texts or unexpected visitors. A legitimate investment firms won't contact you this way.
  • Be skeptical of investments promising quick, substantial returns.
  • Don't rush into decisions, resist pressure for immediate action.
  • Verify the salesperson and company before investing.
  • Avoid cash payments or transfers to unrelated entities.
  • Invest through registered platforms with Bank Negara Malaysia and the Securities Commission of Malaysia.
  • Familiarize yourself with common investment scams and scammer tactics.
  • Check for authorized companies and websites at:

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